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Play The Best Fighting Game – Brawhalla

Brawlhalla the best fighting game

Brawhalla is a free-to-play game of fighting which is developed & published by the games of Blue Mammoth for the PlayStation 4, MacOs, and Microsoft Windows. This game was shown first at the PAX East in the April 2014, and it went into the alpha later the same month. The open beta got released in the 2015 and this game then got released in the year 2017 of October month. This is one game which features around 39 characters and things get regularly updated. The characters can also make use of two special weapons, the multiple numbers of gadgets on the fist. All character having stances that allow all for changing character stats.

Play it locally or online

The Brawhalla is also one of the platforms of epic fighter for around 8 players locally or online. This game is for free. One can join the free for all casuals, the queue for all ranked matches or can even make custom room with the friends. A million numbers of players are available around for this game. This game also keeps on coming with great updates. Around 30 unique legends are available. One can come and fight for the glory in halls of the Valhalla. This is eternal battle arenas wherein great warriors in the history brawl prove who is the best and that was ever and will also be. You can find your teammates on the Modo35 and on this website you will also find promotional codes that will help you get a better start in Brawlhalla.

2D platform fighting game

All the matches in the game are epic skill test, strength, speed, and all victory bring in the additional glory & bragging rights to all winners around. Such slugfest gets salted with most powerful gadgets and weapons. The fighters scramble for grabbing hammers, axes, swords, the rocket lances and much more. All weapons change the play style and options. The gadgets like bombs, mines and even the spiked spheres add more amount of danger into the mix, lets the fighters change the course of their battle with a well-timed throw or even carefully laid the trap. This game is free for all, known as the 2D platform game of fighting which features both local and online multiplayer and single player.

Check out more

• Online ranked 1v1: this is personal skill test wherein one can match up against the single opponent for claiming the untold levels of personal glory in the Brawlhalla.
• 2v2: Bolster the ranks with the friend for proving the mettle, teamwork, wit in the frenetic 2v2 battles
• 4 player game: casual or ranked matches are there wherein the four fighters can enter and only one of them can win.
8 player: Because only things are better than the four legends vying is bragging rights which are for the eight legends
• Local: around 4 players can play for free in all modes on one computer, which is perfect for the friendly face off.
• Local customized teams: one can team up with local machines, with around 4 players or even the bots for the living room
• The local single player tournaments: one can square off against the bots in three gaming tournament series. They are perfect for the score grinders and warm-ups.

After every week, the Brawlhalla is having the rotation of around six selectable characters for all new players for using it for free. For purchasing fully the characters, it offers the in-game shop which gives the chance to all players for using the in-game currency that is earned through the level ups, daily missions, and matches. Other products are also made available for purchasing online; one can make use of the currency known as Mammoth coins. This one currency is gained by purchasing it with real money. Check more information about the game online.